OOC: Hey guys…

Yup, I’m still alive. Just wanted to let you all know that.

However, I’ve got something to say. I think I’m gonna take a bit of a hiatus from roleplaying for a bit. My muses aren’t as prominent as they used to be, and I’ve been kinda preoccupied with other things lately.

I’ll still be checking my dash every now & then, and if you really want to roleplay with me, you can send me a message.

For now though, I’m not gonna be here as often as I used to be.


Anonymous asked:

Jumps on your back "Since this is our final semester being we be separate from our friends in school you should proposal so we can throw an party at nagisa place and invite our pals!!"

"W-What? Propose? I-I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of commitment yet…I mean I love Fuko, but c’mon…we’re only just leaving high school…"

((Don’t worry, he’ll propose at some point. I don’t want it to happen so early on though, since I can’t see Youhei getting married straight out of high school. Seems unrealistic, since he lives in a dorm.))

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